What is the HAFA Short Sale Program in Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia?

Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia Short Sale RealtorIn times of genuine estate crisis, there are different home owners who are obtaining a hard time coping with their mortgage payments plus, they face the opportunity of foreclosure becoming a possibility. In addition, behind these expected foreclosure situations, there are several stories operating beneath them.

It is not a shock to hear depressing financial stories of hardship due to 1 getting laid off and thus, lost his source of revenue. There are stories that speak of economic difficulty of homeowners due to the fact of enhanced mortgage payments. Or stories in Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia wherein a household is simply possessing difficulty balancing their financial sheet simply because of unexpected increase in bills for numerous factors. All of these stories are feasible causes that prompt most homeowners to file for a foreclosure on their properties.

Usually, the answer for this economic issue is to pick for a short sale as an alternative. This alternative is normally the answer property owners resort to so that they resolve their monetary difficulty and recuperate from the hardship in Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia they are at present experiencing. In instances like these of financial slump, brief selling your home is as difficult as the current concern property owners are experiencing.

The excellent news even so, is that the government has sponsored a system named Residence Inexpensive Foreclosure Options (HAFA). So, what is the HAFA short sale plan then?

Below is details about HAFA and how this might repair your foreclosure dilemma and as an alternative get a short sale.


HAFA is a short sale plan initiated by President Obama as part of his Creating Residence Cost-effective Program or HAMP. Basically, it assists sellers getting a short sale in a matter of days.

This plan will be put into action from April 5, 2010 to December 31, 2012. The HAFA program has its purpose and a promise of a short sale approval within ten days. In addition, it promises the seller of up to $ 3,000 cash upon closing of the deal for relocation and other incentives.

Who Are Eligible for HAFA Program?

Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia Short Sale RealtorAs there are a lot of stories that run in the undercurrent of every single looming foreclosure, what HAFA desires to address is the delivery of brief sales within days for those that can meet the criteria to apply for this plan.

It should be taken note that there are only 5 criteria in order to be certified for the HAFA system, but all criteria need to be met so that an interested homeowner may apply for this foreclosure option plan instituted by President Obama.

Criteria for HAFA eligibility:

o The program is appropriate only to private residences

o Given that there is a mortgage involved here, the amount of mortgage must not exceed $ 729,750

o The homeowner must be experiencing financial crisis such as loss of a job that translates to loss of source of earnings to pay for the mortgages. The borrower can be fit for one particular by experiencing a steady enhance in mortgage payments, by which he can’t cope with it. And lastly, the homeowner really should be experiencing an unexpected enhance in expenditures such as emergency medical needs and related urgent expenditures.

o The mortgage ought to also have originated prior to January 1, 2009

o The principal, interest, taxes, and insurance coverage (PITI) mortgage payment, which includes these of Home owners Association (HOA), must be a lot more than 31% of the borrower’s gross monthly income

A homeowner must keep in mind that in order to apply for the HAFA short sale program, these criteria have to be met. A ‘NO’ response to any a single of these criteria can imply ineligibility in the HAFA short sale program.

Can’t Get Pass via HAFA? The Technique
What if a homeowner failed to pass the criteria set by HAFA thus rejected on short sale plan?

The homeowner can take the 1st solution of looking for in Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia the support of a skilled short sale agent. Short sale agents are generally knowledgeable about the intricacies of government-sponsored programs like the HAFA short sale system. They can aid the distressed homeowner maneuver a way to get included in the option short sale as presented by the US government.

HAFA’s Short Sale Agreement (SSA)

The Short Sale Agreement or SSA of HAFA demands the homeowner to find a buyer to full the transaction not less than 120 calendar days starting from the date the SSA is mailed to the homeowner. The homeowner nevertheless, has the in Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia option to extend this deadline for one more 245 days. This will then give the homeowner a total of 12 months to locate a buyer for his residence and total the transaction for the short sale.

It is also contracted in the SSA that the transaction need to be at ‘arms-length.’ Additionally, the finish buyer must also agree that he would hold on to the property for at least 90 days immediately after the transaction has been completed. The SSA also provides the listing actual estate agent an undiscounted 6% commission.

Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia Short Sale RealtorWhat the HAFA short sale program in essence emphasizes is the want of those who are experiencing economic difficulty, which might then lead to unpaid amortizations and an ugly looming foreclosure. This plan is made for property owners who think that it is a wiser decision to simply stroll away and turn to short sale than end up with nothing at all when a foreclosure is bound to in Metro Atlanta Buford Dacula Georgia occur. This is also an best alternative system for those who want a fast short sale for foreclosed houses. There may be some complexities involved in this system, but for these who are in economic trouble this is definitely a good deal that must be taken with significant consideration.


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