Buford Georgia If Facing Foreclosure or Short Sale Be Careful Watch out for Bad Guys Talk to a Real Estate Professional

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Alpharetta Atlanta Buford Dacula Suwanee Roswell Georgia Home Owner If Facing Foreclosure or Short Sale Be Careful Don’t Get Scammed Talk to a Real Estate Professional

Guarding yourself against foreclosure fraud

Leasebacks, straw buyers and loan mitigation

Researching companies offering help …do you Homework…call them..Google Them…ask your Friends
As if it’s not enough of a devastating experience, homeowners facing foreclosure often end up the prey of ruthless criminals aiming to scam them out of their homes or equity. ‘Unfortunately, what we’re seeing is a lot more people who are trying to take advantage of the homeowner going through foreclosure,’ says Carla Douglin, head of The Douglin Group and Douglin Foundation, a Maryland-based nonprofit firm that specializes in helping homeowners faced with foreclosure. Today’s exceptionally high number of delinquencies is keeping her tremendously busy.

She says it’s important that homeowners understand they can’t keep their delinquency status or foreclosure a secret. When a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments, his name goes on a list that is available for sale. As a result, he begins to receive more and more mail from people offering a foreclosure service or to buy the home. ‘That’s when you really need to be very, very careful and [become aware] that there are con artists out there who are trying to steal your home or your equity,’ Douglin cautions.

Even though this may be the most frightening financial hardship you’ll ever endure, it helps to approach foreclosure carefully, with eyes wide open. For starters, don’t sign anything you don’t understand. If the paperwork is complicated, written in a lot of legalese, seek expert help. ‘Any person coming to you with an offer, if legitimate, will allow you a few days to review it with an attorney or somebody who can say, ‘Yes this is a good idea, or no, this isn’t a good idea,”
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Thanks for reading this, Roland Lorans.

Roland is a Real Estate Agent at Better Home and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers .

Phone: (770) 866-2561 or (404) 843-2500 rlorans@gmail.com.

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Roland Lorans specializes in Pre Foreclosure and Short Sale Homes in Hamilton Mill Dacula, Buford, Suwanee, Alpharetta GA and Metro Atlanta Georgia.

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