Suwanee GA Short Sale and Foreclosure House Moving is a stressful time for both People and their Pets – Talk to a Professional

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 Buford Hamilton Mill Dacula GA Short Sale and Foreclosure House Moving is a stressful time for both people and their pets

Moving with Pets: Dog, Cats and even Fish and Birds …etc
Moving Time is a stressful time for both people and their pets. Many pets, especially dogs and cats, will pick up on the tension and as you begin to pack belongings into boxes your pet may become insecure and anxious. There are various things you can do to minimise the stress to your pet during the move and help them settle quickly into their new environment.

Mover’s Checklist for Pets

  • Keep a routine with your Pets
  • Identification and veterinary information…
  • name and phone number…
  • I use a mailing label and wrap it around the collar
  • Tell Your Neighbors…New and Old
  • Moving to the new home
  • Settling in
  • Keep a routine….Feeding..Walking….

    All the work involved in preparing for your move will be unnerving for your pet.

    Keep their routine as normal as possible to give them some form of security.

    Identification and veterinary information …With You in the Car or Truck

  • Prepare a new identity tag for your pets collar, update their electronic ID tag and register them with the new local council.
  • Get a copy of your pets’ medical history from your vet, so that you can pass it on to the vet in your new area.
  • If moving to a completely new location, ask your vet about any added dangers to your pet in the new area, such as snakes, ticks, fleas, toads, worms and any viral diseases that your pet should be protected against.
  • Moving…It is Their Stuff TOOOO

  • Resist disposing of your pet’s old blankets, favourite cushion or chipped food bowl – these familiar items will help your pet settle into their new home.
  • Blanket…Bowl…Chair
  • If you need to put your pet in a basket or crate for the move, allow your pet to get used to the container leading up to the move to prevent undue anxiety on moving day.
  • If you are moving within a local area, it may be worth asking a friend to look after your pets or put them in a boarding kennel or cattery to minimise the stress of move day.
  • Pack your pets belongings last so that you can easily locate them in the new property. On arrival, select a room or area to create a home space for your pet, full of its familiar items while you unpack.
  • When you have a moment to relax in your new home, include your pet in the calmer atmosphere as this will help them settle.
  • Settling in…Walk them around…Show them the area…

  • Allow your pet to get used to the house by allowing them to wander and inspect the new home.
  • Check the garden is secure before allowing your pet out to explore and even then it is advisable to supervise both to encourage them in their new surroundings and ensure they do not escape. Cats may need to be restricted to the confines of the house until fully settled in the new territory – this may take a few weeks.
  • When you meet your neighbours it may be an idea to introduce your pet so that they are familiar with each other.
  • Leave a house-warming party until your pet is fully settled as the noise and confusion could create an even greater anxiety in the unfamiliar surroundings.
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