You need to sell, Got to Move..but you owe more than your house is worth – Alpharetta GA Short Sale with an Expert

You need to sell, but you owe more than your house is worth…

a Suwanee GA Short Sale may be the answer.

If you owe more than your house is worth and you have a qualifying event, such as a job loss, transfer or divorce, you may still be able to sell your property without coming out-of-pocket, not even for the real estate commission, if the lender agrees to forgive the difference. This is called a short sale.

Short sales have typically taken months to approve, but now the lending industry is in the middle of streamlining this process to make decision much more quickly. In any case, it is imperative that the seller works with a real estate professional who is knowledgable about the short sale process AND who has experience selling them. Without the proper training, systems and solutions in place, you could be at risk for added financial burden. We were working short sales before many real estate agents knew what they were! If you would like to discuss the possibility of selling your property through short sale, please contact us today. We will assist you in gathering lender-required documentation, deal directly with your lender and market your property for sale, without charging additional fees.

With a Short Sale:

•There is a negotiated settlement, so your credit is bruised, not ruined.
•You may buy again in as early as two years!
•You pay no attorney fees or real estate commissions.
•We handle all communications with your mortgage servicer.
•You avoid foreclosure along with the attorney and other fees associated with it.
•You avoid paying taxes on the forgiven amount (consult your tax professional).
With a Foreclosure:

•Your credit is destroyed for 10 years.
•You may recieve a 1099 and owe taxes on the lender’s loss.
•You can be pursued by debt collectors and attorneys.
•You have little peace-of-mind.
Click HERE to see the full Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure Comparison Chart

So you can see that short sales are a much better option. We are here to help families in distress. Our consultation is FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION. Contact us today…

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