Court found WaMu “by clear and convincing evidence….committed fraud – Time for the Dog House

Now for our Buford Dacula Duluth Alpharetta Roswell Georgia Short Sale Foreclosure real estate education section…Who is in the Dog House NOW!!!  Take the Dogs for a Walk.

Mortgage Bank Servicer Status Woes

A recent court case that took place in Duval Florida has potentially far reaching implications for the short sale and foreclosure market. A case filed by JP Morgage/WaMu claimed that WaMu submitted an assignment of mortgage in a foreclosure case despite the fact that WaMu never owned the mortgage; it was actually held by Fannie Mae.

Common Complaint

If this story sounds family it is probably because a similar situation has taken place thousands and tens of thousands of times across America; however, this time it’s different. Rather than ignore the “clerical errors”, the Court found WaMu “by clear and convincing evidence….committed fraud on this Court” and that these acts constituted a “knowing deception…”.  Ouch!

Fraud by Any Other Name

In this situation, WaMu was only a servicer and did not actually own the loans; Fannie Mae did. Because WaMu claimed to be the “owner and holder of the note and mortgage” in order to file for foreclosure on the property, it was then necessary to prove that the course of ownership in the property was properly traced.  In recent years it has become almost routine for servicers to take it upon themselves to file foreclosure proceedings when in fact, they have no legal ground to do so.

The implications for foreclosures, REO’s and other real estate transactions is immense; not only may banks be required to fully expose their levels of excess inventory but determining the actual owner of record is becoming more important than ever.

Little Help for Homeowners

Homeowners are likely to find little recourse other than a few months reprieve since it is expected that Fannie or Freddie will begin their own foreclosure proceedings “sooner or later” but it is expected to slow down an already flooded system as lenders and servicers scramble to get records in order.

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