New ‘Secret’ Program, Homeowners Given New Mortgages Immediately After Foreclosure! Hamilton Mill Dacula Ga Update

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Hamilton Mill Dacula Ga Home Owner Update

New ‘Secret’ Program, Homeowners Given New Mortgages Immediately After Foreclosure! Hamilton Mill Dacula Ga Update.

You read that right….homeowner ‘loses’ their home to foreclosure. Legally, its no longer their home. Home is legally in the hands of the bank. In the past…after the homeowner loses the home in a foreclosure sale….they move out…afterall, its no longer their home..home becomes a REO listing.

Now, homeowners are being offered the opportunity to stay in their home…reinstate their mortgage reflecting the value as established at the foreclosure sale. New mortgage terms, market interest rates.

It seems that this new ‘secret’ program is being tested in many major markets across the US. The former homeowner is now able to REINSTATE their mortgage…at the new value as established by the foreclosure sale. In other words, the negative equity is gone…the second mortgage is gone….back property taxes paid off…back HOA fees gone.  Their new mortgage amount IS the amount the lender paid at the foreclosure sale!

I want you to think about that for a moment. This means that even AFTER a homeowner missed payments…loses the home to foreclosure…that they can now IMMEDIATELY secure another loan for the homes current market value. WOW!

Consider this, 25% of all homeowners with mortgages are upside down by at least 10%…..10% of all homeowners with mortgages are upside down by at least 25%. HREU Students know that this trend of underwater homeowners will increase before it levels off. There are 50,000,000 mortgages in the US….as of today…6,000,000 aren’t ‘performing’. In other words, homeowners aren’t paying their mortgages!491565345_afc3bf2890

What happens when all of these millions of upside down homeowners  discover that they can have their negative equity wiped out….secure a new mortgage…and keep their home…if they let it go into foreclosure?

After the lender forecloses you will have to worry about them pursuing you for the money they lost. So, you’ve decided to walk away, but you want to reduce the side effects? You can avoid a lot of the bad side effects with a short sale.
First off, on 80-90% of all short sales, you won’t have to pay any money back. Second, you will be eligible to buy another house in 2-3 years (You have to wait 5-7 years after a foreclosure.) Third, a short sale costs you nothing.

When the home sells, your lender pays us a commission. THe lenders know they get more money from a short sale than a foreclosure. This is why most lenders are willing to pay all the other costs associated with the sale. I’ll show you how to short sale your property and never pay the bank another penny.

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 I will contact you for a free consultation. When we talk, I will explain how the process works in detail and answer any questions you may have. Or, if you prefer, you can call me at (770) 866-2561.

Discover how other sellers successfully completed a short sale and request a free consultation by clicking here.

Thinking about a loan modification?

Thanks for reading this, Roland Lorans.

Roland is a Real Estate Agent at Better Home and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers .

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