Alpharetta Short Sales: How to Dispute a Negative Item on Your Credit and Get it Taken Care Of

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Alpharetta GA – You can dispute negative items on your credit. In some cases, the negative item can go away in 30-60 days. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s nice when it does. This may seem overwhelming at first. But stick with it and you’ll see that it does work. With a little persistence, most items can be removed permanently.

 You are considered innocent until proven guilty. That means it is the credit bureaus job to determine if a negative item should stay on your report. Many people have inaccurate information on their reports.

 Federal law says that you can dispute anything in your report. We recommend you send a detailed letter by certified mail to the credit bureau. Yes, you can dispute online, but we don’t recommend that. Why? There is no paper trail.

 Your letter should have detailed info on your dispute. Put in your name and address. In addition, identify each item you are disputing. Say why you are disputing it and ask them to remove it from your report. File copies of the letter, envelope, and certified mail receipt. You can even mail return receipt requested. Then you have proof they received your letter.

 The bureaus have 30 days after they receive a dispute to investigate it. If they can’t verify the negative item, then they must remove it from your record. Credit bureaus issue a lot of requests for verification to lenders every day. The people at the lenders get backed up.

 Files get misplaced. Banks and lenders are sold, merged, or go bankrupt. (Everything gets misplaced then) As you can see, not all disputes get a reply. This works to your benefit. If the credit bureau doesn’t get a response, then they have to remove the item.

 Everything negative on your report can be disputed, even info that is correct. Do not give too much information to the bureau. We recommend that you mark the item you are disputing. Then state why you are disputing it. Nothing more is needed. If you give them lots of info, they may use that info to verify they item.

One more tip: After mailing a dispute letter, let the issue sit for 45-60 days before disputing it again. If you contact the credit bureau again in the 30 day window, they can automatically extend it for 30 days from that date. That gives the bureau more time to verify the item.

 Here are a few reasons you can dispute a negative item.

 1. Not my account.

 2. Wrong Credit Limit.

 3. Wrong Account Number.

 4. Wrong date of last activity.

 5. The Judge gave the account to my ex in the divorce. Be sure to send them a copy of the divorce decree.

6. I paid on time that month.

This all means that you can get your life back to normal after a short sale. You can get rid of the debt, repair your credit, and get your life back to normal. Do you want to short sale your property and never pay the bank another penny? I can help you do that.

 Call me at (770) 866-2561 for a free consultation. When you call, I will explain how the process works in detail and answer any questions you may have. Or, if you prefer, you can e-mail me at”>

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 Thanks for reading this, Roland Lorans.

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